Skull Candle – Double action skull spell x 2

The double action skull spell is for when you are trying to place contrasting (or contradictory) thoughts into your target’s mind. A good example would be to get someone to leave one person and begin their loving thoughts towards another.

It beckons the target to look at things more laterally, sometimes entertaining contradictory concepts at the same time. It has been shown that women are better at this skill then men, usually — being able to look at both sides of a situation equally and give value to both ideas.

Before burning, carve the candle at the bottom, packed with your petition, any pictures, and the appropriate herbs, roots, minerals, and plants for your unique situation. Sometimes, other candles are burned and allowed to drip over the surface of the candle. Others may require pins — all depending on what you’re trying to achieve. When the candle has finished, it is then buried.

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