Doll Babies – Voodoo Dolls – Poppets

hoodoo doll baby

a doll baby for an enemy. Its hands are tied to bind it – its feet to trip up the target, and it is blindfolded so the target cannot see what is happening

The movie industry has taken the voodoo doll to new levels, but its image is firmly in people’s minds. In Hoodoo, we use the term ‘doll baby’ when performing this kind of work. When made out of cloth, they are sometimes called a poppet. A phrase that hails from Europe, poppet is the older and original spelling of the word ‘puppet’ and is also used as term of endearment among the English.

Doll babies can be made out of a variety of materials: wax, yarn, twine, sticks, clay, cloth – the main point is that it looks like a person.

A doll baby is meant to represent the person you are magically targeting. They are often stuffed with personal concerns of your target (hair is the easiest to get.) If you cannot obtain something from this person, placing their picture inside the doll helps. Sometimes, pictures are placed on the face of the doll so that it, obviously, looks exactly like your target.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not always used negatively. For example, a doll baby could represent a man that a woman wants to attract. In this case, she should sleep with the doll (preferably, yes, in her panties.) Healing was the original purpose of a voodoo doll, by the way.

voodoo doll

this is a larger 18 inch doll that I created as a mascot for our table at events. This is the initial staining process. It was later stuffed and treated with money drawing herbs and anointed with money drawing oils

this doll pictured with the bowl of tea is a larger 18 inch doll that I created as a mascot for our table at events. This is the initial staining process. It was later stuffed and treated with money drawing herbs and anointed with money drawing oils. ‘Mo,’ is his name, short for Mojo.

My yarn doll babies (I call them doll baby poppets) are handmade by me, Papa Gee. Each one is unique and carries with it a glass potion bottle filled with herbs and roots for each specific condition they were made for. Each one is blessed and anointed with appropriate oils. When I craft the dolls that I place for sale, they are made ahead of time but with a specific situation in mind (love, money, healing, etc.) and blessed and anointed properly. Being handmade, each doll is one-of-a-kind. These doll babies do not have a custom petition assigned to them, although you may add one when it reaches you. If you want a doll crafted to include your petition, you are looking for my custom doll babies.

I also craft custom voodoo dolls (doll babies) just for you. As I make each one, I keep your target (person of interest) in mind as each strand is tied and each thread is pulled. While my other yarn voodoo dolls are made for a general purpose, my complete attention is focused on your situation as the doll is crafted. If you want to send a picture to me through email, I can even focus on that photo while creating the doll baby poppet. I then take your petition, create a sigil for it, and place it inside the glass potion bottle along with any appropriate herbs, roots, flowers, or minerals. It is then placed on my altar where it is baptized in the name of your target and anointed with oils. It is then shipped to you.

Hoodoo doll babies aren’t only for targeting people. I can make them according to a particular situation in your life instead of a person: love, money, healing, success, romance, too boost a business venture, and even for cursing.

I can create them in the color that fits your situation or in any primary color you choose: (black, white, red, pink, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow) — be sure to indicate if you have a color preference at the end of writing your petition. Price includes shipping.

If you need assistance in working with your doll baby, you may book a magical coaching session with me. They last 30 minutes and are $70.00.
magical coaching session to help guide you through your personal magical work. Many people use this session with me to ask questions on how to use their doll babies, dress their candles, etc. simply choose magical coaching from the list below. If you’re not sure you actually need a doll baby, you may want to book a reading first to see your best route.
– Papa Gee