Psychic Attack Protection spell

This is a multi-layered spell to heal the confusion from a psychic attack and bring clarity, while negating the effects of that attack and permanently locking out the offender. The center candle is affixed with the image of Saint Clare of Assisi, as she is not only called upon for Clarity but is also the “unofficial” patron saint of Psychics. A brown carriage candle is usually used (sometimes I will use a 7-day glass candle) as brown is often used specifically for the clearing of psychic attacks.

She is surround by 6 inch white and blue candle that are anointed with both healing and protection oils, which are carved with the name of the person being healed and protected from the attack. Another ring of 4 inch gray candles surround them. Gray, being a blend of black and white, is called upon to neutralize the attack and create a barrier so that the attacker can no longer reach their target. The gray candles are anointed with a combination of Banish Negativity oil and Cast Out and Banish oil. They are carved with the names of your attacker (if you know it.) If you do not, the words “the attacker” are usually carved as we let Spirit identify the offender.

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