Community Honey Jar Service for Sunday, Sept 1 2019 – PAST OUT OF STOCK


This Community HONEY JAR Service will be performed on Sunday, Sept 1st. Honey jars are meant to “sweeten” your situation. This one will be filled with all types of petitions for a variety of prayers. While creating, I will anoint your individual petitions with the oil that fits your situation and place it in the jar.. Candles will be burned on the jar lid every day for a solid TWO WEEKS. After that, I will continue to light a candle on the jar every 10 days or so until the end of the year.

To include yourself in this community honey jar and candle service, the price is $11.00 along with your name and petition or prayer. You may include birthdates or zodiac signs for all involved, if you wish. All petitions received will be included in this community ritual.

This does NOT included an emailed report. Due to the length of time it takes to create a honey jar, pictures will be posted along with a short video, but not a video of the entire process. (THIS working will be performed in our private cottage church)

Out of stock