Cleanse and Protect Unhexing Spell

cleanse and protect spell

This cleanse and protect spell uses several levels of magic for hex or curse removal followed up by immediate protection. This is the same procedure I direct clients to perform at home with our Herbal Bath No13 which is used to spiritual cleanse the body and baptize the jinxed person as new, with protection work right behind it. With this method I perform the cleansing remotely, here in our little cottage church. The white figural candle in the center represents the person being effected in the same way voodoo dolls were originally used — for the purpose of healing. It is carved with the client’s name, birthdate, zodiac sign and other other personal information they want to include to connect them to the candle that will stand in their place.

Water is placed in the silver bowl around the candle along with our No13 blend of herbs, chosen and mixed specifically for unhexing and negativity removal. Ten white candles are anointed with a combination of my PROTECT ME oil and my WALL OF FIRE Protection oil. Eight of the ten candles are lit around the silver bowl, leaving the front open. The silver bowl is protected by four, large High John the Conqueror roots. I then proceed to dip my fingers into the herbal water and cleanse the figural candle, giving it a remote spiritual bath — a baptism. The two remaining candle (out of the ten) are lit and placed in the front of the circle, locking in the protective energy. The working is allowed to finish burning until the figural is eventually extinguished by the herbal water, completing the process.

A statue of the Archangel Michael stands behind the work to look over it and protect the figural as the unwanted energy is released and the protection work is locked into place.

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While I no longer perform spellwork for clients, I do offer magical consultations to help you in your work. They can be booked the same as a tarot reading HERE.