The Broken Crown – Ego in the Magical and Healing Arts

During my spiritual path I have dealt with my own inflated ego from time to time, and luckily have loving people around me who have made me aware of it and that I needed to take it down a notch (or two.) Ego is part of being human. The Universe often steps in and knocks that crown off your head by presenting you with setbacks until you recognize it, demonstrate humility, and work to get yourself back on track. For those in the healing and magical arts, ego can be especially detrimental because it makes you forget why you have […]

Skull Candle Spell for Influence

Skull spells for influence can be about of variety of things. The intention isn’t necessarily harmful, but more of commanding, compelling, getting into the mind of another. You could use this candle spell in a similar fashion or to get into the mind of another for numerous other reasons:
– to influence a boss about raise or promotion
– to keep another from gossiping about you
– to coerce another to come around to your point of view
– to create confusion on someone who is working against you
the possibilities go on and on…..

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When you place your order, it may take a few days before your working reaches the altar because of candle services and other rituals orders before you that are finishing up. After your work completes, you should receive a report in about 2 weeks.

Lenormand Cards – White Mojo

The third edition of my White Mojo Lenormand Oracle Cards was just released.  When I noticed that there were less than 20 decks in stock at the store I knew it was, of course, time to order more. But I also knew that the cards were never exactly as I had envisioned them so I decide to tackle the cards again and give them a complete redesign. Editions 1 and 2 both had the name of the card on the surface was well as the divinatory meaning. As a seasoned Lenormand card reader, I found that I wasn’t using my own deck […]

How to Read Lenormand Cards Class

After too long a wait, I’ve finally decide to teach a “How to Read Lenormand Cards” class. I was waiting for the second edition of the White Mojo Lenormand deck to come out. With this newer edition, I have added back in the player card associations that most Lenormand cards have along with the numbering of the cards. The numbering is also the standard Lenormand numbering, bringing my deck closer to a true Lenormand oracle. Besides, it also makes it easier for newbies to find the cards in the book once they’ve shuffled them! The second edition is now red […]

Spell Candles in Nashville – Chime Candles for spellwork, wicca, witchcraft

Spell candles, also known as chime candles, are getting harder and harder to find here in Nashville, TN. Gone are the days when we would all traipse down to Magical Journey and pick up handfuls of little candles for our spellwork. Some refer to these as spirit candles. The type of spell candles we sell in our Nashville shop are the ones most practitioners of magick are accustomed to – they are 4″ long and burn around 2.5 hours leaving behind no visible wax. Our spell candles are 40 cents each and we stock the following colors: black, green, blue, […]

Seven Day Candles in the Shop

Just a quick note to say that we have finally added seven-day candles to our retail shop. So many clients ask what to do with the condition oils (other than anointing) and whenever we talked about dressing candles with them, I would have to direct them to a shop that carried them. We started out with a small collection, but hope to add to it as time goes by. In this first batch we have: solid white, solid blue, solid red, solid green, St. Jude, Seven African Powers, Virgin de Guadalupe, St. Barbara, and St. Michael. Papa Gee retail store: […]

Connecting with Michael

Connecting with Michael Over the past weekend we set up at the Galactic Expo (a “new age” fair) here in Nashville. Sunday was a little slower than Saturday so Roy and I both had time to get readings and energy work done.  Which is pretty rare since we are usually performing the work on others instead of treating ourselves to it. So, I had a Vibrational Energy Attunement session with a well-known energy worker, Reverend Barb, for general balancing, adjusting the aura, and to further open my connections to Guides. Tuning forks, crystals, and hands-on work was used.  During the session she […]

Psychic Vision Oils finished

Psychic Vision Oil Conjured up my first batch of Psychic Vision oil this morning.  I’ve been holding off on this particular oil for the past couple of weeks because my Guides were holding out on me (I’m sure they have their good reasons, though).  Wanted to create this blend back in middle April but the ingredients just weren’t coming to me. Of course, I knew all of the historical ingredients that are used for such work but that is not my total method.  First I have my list of which herbs, roots and oils were used to create condition oil […]

Money Drawing Altar

Money Drawing Altar There is finally a good space for a money drawing altar.  Now that Roy has his own space in the healing cottage, and I have revamped my reading room, it was time to pull out this little table that has been waiting patiently for over a year for us to find it a purpose. This was set up at the end of April so you have my apologies for not posting about it before now. On the back left you will see the little three-legged pig, which was given to me by a friend. The Chanchitos pig […]

Money Drawing Oil

As we are getting ready for the Galactic Expo here in Nashville in May, I’ve been working on the oils I am going to have there in our booth. Before moving on to making the money drawing oils, I filled 105 bottles of my chakra balancing oils. Here in the pic you will see the batch of money drawing oils on my altar. Tomorrow I will move on to working on the love attracting oils for the event. Our money drawing oil is found here

Healing Modalities

The Nature of Healing Healing can occur on many different levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually. Each of us knows intuitively the things that we desire and need the most.  Sometimes, it just takes a little help, a tiny push of healing energy to break free that glowing, happy, creative person that is inside you. Most healing methods are focused on the physical, mental and emotional levels of life, without an awareness of the energy that lies beneath. Energy healing works with the energetic level of our being. Since everything is made up of patterns of energy, working directly with energy influences […]