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Where to Buy Tarot cards in Nashville

tarot cards nashville

 Aromagregory carries a wide variety of Tarot and Lenormand cards in our Nashville store. UPDATE!  The list below is only a sample. We NOW carry OVER 325 different Tarot, Lenormand, and Oracle cards. One of the largest varieties of cards in Nashville! List of Tarot and Lenormand Cards: African American Tarot Ancient Italian Tarot Angels Gods And Goddesses Oracletarot-nashville-1 Aquarian Tarot Arthurian Tarot Box Ask An Angel Oracle Astrological Tarot Blank Tarot Cards Celtic Lenormand Celtic Tree Oracle Chinese Tarot Chrysalis Tarot Connolly Tarot Crystal Visions, Galasso Dark Angels Tarot Deviant Moon Tarot, Valenza Druid Animal Oracle Easy Lenormand Set Easy […]

Lucky Mojo Curio Company products now in our Nashville store

Papa Gee of White Mojo is now a proud reseller of Lucky Mojo Curio Company products which can be found in our Nashville retail store. Many people in the Nashville area purchase our White Mojo products made exclusively by Papa Gee but others are unfamiliar with our brand. We’ve decided to cover all bases by adding in the well-known line of Lucky Mojo products to our line. Side by side – that’s a lot of good mojo. Here is a list of the Lucky Mojo products we currently carry. (always looking to add new things) INCENSE POWDERS Banishing Incense Powders […]

Van Van for Mercury in Retrograde

Van Van Oil for Mercury in Retrograde A lot of people use Van Van oil to reverse bad luck and turn a bad situation into a good one. But few know that it is especially helpful during that pesky time known as Mercury in Retrograde when everything goes wonky. It’s just my luck that I am having a tooth pulled this coming Wednesday (June 26th) when Mercury in Retrograde begins. Believe me, I will be wearing my Van Van oil that day, and plenty of it! Safe to use as an anointing oil, dab a little on yourself to keep […]