mojo bags

Mojo Bags

First, you might ask, what is a mojo bag? Basically, it is a prayer or spell in a bag. In simplistic terms, it is an amulet. In the Hoodoo tradition, we customarily use the term ‘mojo bag, ’ but it can be called by many other names: a mojo hand, gris-gris bag, toby, or trick bag. The word ‘gris-gris’ means charm or fetish. The reason behind why a mojo bag would be considered a fetish is because practitioners of hoodoo consider it to be a living thing.
I create your mojo bag based on your situation and use ingredients that are magically associated with that situation. Includes your petition or prayer written in your own words. Mailed to you.

DOLL BABIES, CHICKEN FEET, MOJO BAGS (tangible items that are made for you) usually ship out within about 10 days. Allow a few days beyond that for them to reach you.