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Cleanse and Protect Unhexing Spell

This cleanse and protect spell uses several levels of magic for hex or curse removal followed up by immediate protection. This is the same procedure I direct clients to perform at home with our Herbal Bath No13 which is used to spiritual cleanse the body and baptize the jinxed person as new, with protection work right behind it. With this method I perform the cleansing remotely, here in our little cottage church. The white figural candle in the center represents the person being effected in the same way voodoo dolls were originally used — for the purpose of healing. It is carved with the client’s name, birthdate, zodiac sign and other other personal information they want to include to connect them to the candle that will stand in their place.

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Money Drawing Candle Spell

Money Drawing work is something that I perform every day. Our store has a money altar near the front door where a green money candle is lit during all hours we are open and sits beside our money honey jar. Another money drawing altar is right inside the door of our little cottage church.

When I perform this money drawing candle spell for you, I surround the work with ritual items that are associated with money magic: real cash, coins, i-ching coins, pyrite, lodestone, cinnamon sticks, green rice, alfalfa and other ingredients depending on your particular situation. The saint I turn to for money matters is St. Homobonus, who is the patron Saint of business people. The 9 inch green pillar is carved with your name, money symbols, and any parts of your petition that link to root of the matter about your finances and anointed with money drawing and money lasts oil. Behind this pillar candle, I also anoint in your name a double-action vigil candle which is green on the top and black in the bottom of the glass. The first half of the candle is for drawing in money, while the black burns to remove any blockages that prevent financial difficulties.

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Marriage Blessing Candle Spell

With the marriage blessing candle I carve the names of both people into the appropriate candle and anoint the entire figure in my Adam and Eve oil, which is used to strengthen a marriage or help reignite the fires that originally brought you together. Also to strengthen the bond between you and the one you love, and to aid you in keeping your love strong enough to keep out any outside forces which try to break you apart.

I always perform my marriage candle spells on Fridays which is ruled by Venus and is considered the best day to perform spells of true love and the protection of a love.

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Wall of Fire Protection Spell

Wall of Fire Protection candle spell is meant to shield you (or someone else you are trying to protect) from outside influences that mean you harm. The center candle in white represents the person being protected. I usually use a white cross candle to signify the person but I can use a male or female figural candle if you prefer.  It is then surrounded by 2 red candles, 2 orange candles, and 2 yellow candles — all the colors of fire. These candles make a circle around you and are anointed with my wall of fire protection oil. The center white candle is carved with your name and anointed with Blessing oil and possibly other oils that deal with your specific situation. The work is then surrounded by stones that are meant to protect and absorb negativity. Most of the time I use angelica root around the candles as well but may choose others depending on the condition.

Lust and Passion Candle spell – Awaken Desire

Lust and Passion spells are meant to ignite or awaken sexual desire. Some people use this to bring spark back into an old relationship, while others want to increase someone’s sexual desire towards them. Pictured is the phallic candle spell but it can be performed with either a male of female genitalia candle.  First, the name of your target is carved into the candle along with any other personal information might connect them: sign of the zodiac, birth date, favorite color, current city, place of birth, etc. The candle is anointed and rubbed with my Passion and Lust oil in a way that simulates the “awakening of sexual activity” until the candle heats up with friction.

Breakup Candle Spell – Break up two lovers

When performing a breakup candle spell, I use what is known as a back-to-back candle. It is the figure of a man and a woman on the base of a heart and they are facing away from each other. For a love or come to me scenario, a candle where the lovers face each other would be used.  Based on the information you provide me, I carve each side of the candle with the names of the people involved, their birthdates, zodiac signs, sigils, or elements of your petition.

Specific herbs, roots, and minerals are used to surround and cover the figures. You will notice in this picture that red pepper flakes create a line that separates the two people. I then create another circle of roots to lock in the energy of the break up work. The red candles outside the ring represent the love or attraction they once felt for each other that they can no longer achieve or “reach.”

Moving Candle Love Spell

Moving candle spells use two figural candles, one each to represent the two parties involved in a love relationship (or a relationship that needs to be brought together, or back together.) Each candle is carved with the name of the person it represents along with any other information that focuses on that person (birthdate, personal information, sign of the zodiac, and more.) They are placed at two ends of a rectangular space and the candles are anointed with love or reconciliation oils then their feet surrounded by herbs and flowers. After lit, the candles are slowly moved together until they finally reach each other face-to-face.

Carved Pillar Candle Spell

I take a 9 inch pillar candle and carve (using my pocket knife) your petition directly onto the candle. Depending on your situation and petition, I may also carve numbers, birth dates, elements of numerology and astrology, secret sigils, and symbols. They are then anointed with the oils appropriate for your situation and rolled in herbs. They are then surrounded by a circle of herbs, roots, flowers, or salt and lit while prayer over your petition.

Skull Candle Spell – Baneful Enemy

Skull Spell for Baneful reasons, Enemy work, and Dark Arts

A skull spell can be used for a variety of reasons – both baneful and well-intended. The main picture featured on this page was more of a baneful nature, to influence someone who was interfering with another person’s business and finances and was intended to get in their head to break their focus, cause confusion and doubt, and them around to a new way of thinking (the client’s way!) Skull candles of this time can be used for revenge, to confuse an enemy, to influence another to leave your life or the lives of others.

Skull Candle Spell for Influence

Skull spells for influence can be about of variety of things. The intention isn't necessarily harmful, but more of commanding, compelling, getting into the mind of another. You could use this candle spell in a similar fashion or to get into the mind of another for numerous other reasons:
– to influence a boss about raise or promotion
– to keep another from gossiping about you
– to coerce another to come around to your point of view
– to create confusion on someone who is working against you
the possibilities go on and on…..

Skull Candle Spell for Love

Skull Spell for Love and Relationships

This skull candle spell is done with specific ingredients that are magically influential for love. The bottom of the skull candle is carved out, loaded with the appropriate herbs, flowers, roots, your photographs, your petition, and any other ingredients that are needed for your particular situation. Most people use this skull candle spell as a kind of “come to me” spell — a way to get into the head of the one you want so that they will either 1. think of no one else but you or 2. come around to your way of thinking in the romance department.

Candle Spells

Candle spells are rather a specialty of mine, being the owner of a soap and CANDLE company since 1999. So, long before I began as a rootworker, candles played a big part of my life. There is something mystical about the flame of a candle burning through a situation or difficulty while, at the same time, shining light on a problem. The act of dressing and carving a candle, rolling it in herbs and oils is a creative and energetic experience. Here you will find the candle spells and candle rootwork that I offer for clients. With these types of […]