candle altar service

Candle Altar Service – No Report $10

This is the same candle altar service that I offer with the exception that you receive no report and we don’t communicate about your situation. It is simple as placing your order (with your petition attached), I bless and dress your candle and burn on our altars on your behalf. All of these “budget” candle altar services are given the same loving care as my regular candle altar services and be assured that they ARE prayed over and burned on your behalf. The reason for the price cut (half the price at only $10) is that there is no communication between us. Please understand that a LOT of my time is spent on communicating with clients. To keep this affordable, it must be this way — no candle report will be mailed to you, nor will we communicate through email about your situation. This “streamline” process that cuts out all of the paperwork creates the lower price. thank you. Papa Gee

Spirit Guide Candle Altar Service

SPIRIT GUIDE – Connecting with your Spirit Guide(s) can open up new doors for you. When you actively communicate with your Guides and seek their assistance, there is usually very little hesitation with the decisions you must make. Especially helpful if you do readings and want to boost the line of communication not only with your Guides but also with the Spirit Guides of your clients.

Money Lasts Candle Altar Service

MONEY LASTS – Money Lasts spells have been used in Hoodoo for a very long time and is always known as ‘money stay with me.’ It is usually with the intention to hold onto the money you already have while continuing to draw in more. For drawing in prosperity and holding onto it as well as protecting bank accounts, investments, and income.