Appalachian Granny Magic

Appalachian Granny Magic Author: Ginger Strivelli (original witchvox information) Posted: January 8th. 2001   Times Viewed: 125,421 The Appalachian Granny Magic Tradition of Witchcraft is one that is only recently being heard of. Though the tradition is a very old one, dating all the way back to the first settlers of the magical Appalachian Mountains who came over from Scotland and Ireland in the 1700’s. They brought along their even older Irish and Scottish Magical Traditions with them. Those two ‘old world’ Traditions were then blended with a dash of the local tradition of the Tsalagi (Now, called the Cherokee Indians.) […]

Using Dirt, Soil, and Dust in Spells and Rootwork

Whenever people talk about using dirt in spells, they always think of graveyard dirt. However, that is not the only dirt you can use. I like using dirt and soil in my workings to give the spell a grounding, an age-old connection. Sometimes, there is nothing as effective as drawing sigils in dirt and burning candles around them right there in the ground. Recently, I heard someone compare ‘moonlight’ work to ‘ditch magic.’ When I mentioned that I liked the sound of Ditch Magic, she made mention of getting muddy and smelly. While it was just an cute joke made […]

Working Against Yourself and Magic

You can’t plant a pot of flowers and then complain they died because you never watered them. And so it is the same when seeking out magical work. It is more than lighting a candle and walking away from it. You have to put in the intention, the desire, and the work behind what you are wanting to accomplish. If you come to me for a spell to help you find work, yet, you aren’t putting in applications anywhere – you are working against yourself You want a spell to make you a famous actor, yet, you’ve never auditioned for […]

Mini Aroma Mojo store

Client Shop Everyone that knows us is aware that we have a full retail store in the Donelson area of Nashville where our main Aromagregory products are sold (as well as the White Mojo line). For those who don’t know us personally, it is located at 223 Donelson Pike inside the One2Yoga building. But, I wanted to talk about our cute, little mini-store.  Inside the studio where I perform readings there is a wide entry foyer. On one side is my altar. On the other side is a set of built-in shelves that were there when we moved in. After […]

Witchcraft in Nashville

Some people call what I do witchcraft. It is something different. Hoodoo and folk magic are not witchcraft or Wicca. First of all, Wicca is a religion. In my practical folk magic practice I use a combination of: the gift of intuition, my extensive knowledge of herbs and oils (and how they are used magically), along with a strong sense of intention. My studio and store are located in Nashville, Tennessee, and I often see clients who are looking for ways to reduce stress and find a sense of inner peace. Other clients have other things in mind when they […]

My Original Altar

We actually have several altars in our home. My partner has his own in his cottage, we have a shared “home” altar upstairs between our two offices, and there is a money drawing altar inside the studio. To the left you will see my first altar that was inside the new studio where I performed the majority of my rootwork (now replaced with a larger, updated altar). The cabinet is something I purchased at the Nashville Flea Market years ago from a family that salvaged barns and old houses that were being torn down and reworked those materials into usable […]

Charging for Readings and Energy Work

People have been debating about this topic for years – whether or not to charge for services such as reiki, healing touch therapy, psychic readings, etc. Forget debate, some people downright argue about it – passionately and loudly. A Sense of Balance Those who feel you should not charge usually say, “I would never charge someone for a sacred gift that was given to me. It is my duty to give it away!” This may be true for some people and I often wonder if they have some cosmic debt to repay. Other times, those who do not charge EVENTUALLY […]