Candle Altar Service

Candle Altar Service – Setting of Lights Candle Ministry

I prepare candle vigils in your name and leave them continuously burning on our altars. These glass encased vigil candles burn between 5 and 7 days.

A candle altar service is also known as the setting of lights. Setting Lights is a prayer, a simple form of spellwork, to aid in helping achieve a desired goal. It is sometimes called a candle vigil or a candle altar service. Basically, the client lets me know what they want or need and this is written down on a piece of paper called a petition.

There are a number of reasons why people turn to another for candle work. Many times there are other people in the house that do not approve of any type of magical workings and could possible blow out or destroy a vigil candle. Others simply don’t want to leave a candle burning for that many days in their home unattended. Sometimes, the request a person has needs to remain a private matter and out of the sight of others. But, many times, clients say they prefer to having an experienced practitioner of magic dress and light their candle for them.

How Your Vigil Candle is Prepared

Based on what you asked for, I dress the candles with the appropriate herbs and oils for your situation then pray over and charge the candle with energy before lighting it. Also, your condition may require a specific color of candle. For example, green is the most common colored candle used in money drawing magic, blue for healing, red for love, etc. Candles are probably the most widely used form of magic and are used in a variety of spells, prayers, and rituals.

The candles I use are also known as seven day candles, but they may burn in five days time or some hold out and burn for as long as nine days. Your candle is placed on the altar in the order it was received. Most of the time, we have many candles burning and must wait a few days to make room for more. Usually, it is only about a week for your candle to reach the altar after it is ordered.

Making Out Your Request – Your Petition

How to make out your petition: When you purchase the candle, there is a section asking you to fill out your petition right above the “add to cart” button.  The request on your petition describes your situation and what you would like to happen: to find love or friendship, help an ill friend, bring more money into your life, etc. Including birthdate information for all those involved is helpful.

Keep in mind, a petition is not a long explanation of your situation. It is a simple statement of what you want to happen. Also, if you would like to have a photo of you or someone to go along with your request, you may send those pictures as attachments to me in email. Including birthdates of all those involved is helpful.

Setting Lights in Runs

Setting lights – candle altar services are $24.00 per candle. I charge for the candle, the oils, the herbs and spices used. The act of praying over your candle and charging it with energy is a free service.

You can also have candles burned back-to-back. This is called setting lights in runs. Runs are offered in quantities of 3, 7, and 13 which are discounted according to the quantity you order. When your first candle burns out, your petition is placed on the next candle in the run and lit, where the process begins again. Some people choose to do this to “keep on top of” a particularly difficult situation. Please remember, all candles are burned here on our altars on your behalf — you will NOT be receiving candles by mailorder.

Adam and Eve – most often used in Hoodoo to strengthen a marriage or to heal one. Some use it in conjunction with Reconcile products to bring a marriage back together.

Attract – is meant for attracting all things to you whether it be love, money, luck, success, or whatever you desire.

Banish Negativity – is meant to help dampen the effects of negative people around you.

Boss Control – is used to make your employer see things your way and side in your favor.

Breakup – Not just for breaking up a couple of lovers but also for ending bad business relationships quickly.

Bust It Down – sometimes also known as Blockbuster magic. It is most often used for breaking down obstacles in your way, no matter what they are. Magically used for removing emotional and physical road blocks that hold back your success.

Cast Out and Banish – when you want to get a certain person OR situation out of your life as well as evil outside influences. When you want someone or something to leave your home or space, you cast them out, banish them.

Clearing and Unblocking – is meant to clear out and unblock old messages from the past – things that hold you back. Clears those negative voices that say to you, “I can’t do it.” Good oil for wiping a slate clean.

Come to Me – to bring another person to you. To attract a new lover or to draw in a specific person into your life.

Command – to help bring another under your control or bringing them around to your way of thinking.

Confidence Boosting – Whether you are speaking in public or just need more confidence in everyday matters, Confidence Boosting magic is meant to keep you calm, collected, and confident. Know what you want, say it out loud, and go out in the world and get it.

Confusion – to create confusion and scatter the thoughts of those who are working against you in order to weaken their negative efforts.

Courage and Bravery – to give you the courage to go after everything you want in life and the bravery to follow through with all your efforts to achieve those goals

Court Case – prayers to help you with a judge or jury and get them to rule in your favor.

Crossing – Hoodoo for working against your enemies or those who mean you harm. Used for laying tricks and bringing on crossed conditions

Crown of Achievement – for success in career, business, and the performing arts. Especially good for singers, song writers, and other performers trying to break into the business

Cut and Clear – to break the ties of the past and cut away all remaining links to past lovers, partners, or others that need to clear out of your life.

Devil Begone – sometimes known as Run Devil Run, this is used in prayer and spell work and is said to keep the devil and his helpers at bay.

Dominate – used in hoodoo and magical rituals dealing with dominating and ruling others. Is said to aid in controlling others to do your will.

Follow Me Gal – sometimes known as Follow Me Girl and is said to make women follow a man around and desire him.

Follow Me Guy – sometimes known as Follow Me Boy and is said to make men follow a woman around and desire her.

Good Luck – for general good luck and also in gambling and used before a job interview or before buying lottery tickets.

Happy Home – is great to use in conjunction with blessing or smudging a house or burned at the same time as House Blessing.

Healing Energy – when it comes to a little self-healing – not only physical, but also when you are feeling mentally drained and in need of spiritual repair.

Hot Foot – used when you want to get rid of someone. Whether it be the ex that just won’t leave you alone, a tenant that refuses to pay the rent, or people in your life that are always stirring up drama. When you want someone to hit the road, you “hotfoot” them.

House Blessing – can also be used when you are feeling like the energy in your home is not “flowing” and something needs a little pick-me-up. Useful when a negative person has been around.

Jinx Begone – used in Hoodoo for removing hexes, jinxes, and curses.

Kiss Me Quick – meant to rekindle marital fires or to bring about a quick love affair.

Lavender Flame (gay male) – is used for attracting gay love and companionship. This is the male to male candle. Can also be used to surround yourself with loving friends and for attracting new same gender love interests into your life.

Lavender Flame (gay female) – is used for attracting gay love and companionship. This is the female to female candle. Can also be used to surround yourself with loving friends and for attracting new same gender love interests into your life.

Love Attracting – Who doesn’t need a little more love in their life? Not just for romantic love. Can also be used to surround yourself with loving friends and for attracting new people into your life.

Money Drawing – For bringing more money and abundance into your home or business.

Money Lasts – is always known as ‘money stay with me.’ It is used to hold onto the money you already have while continuing to draw in more.

Open the Gates – Rid yourself from past mistakes and make a fresh start. Bust open the gates to a new life or new project. Similar to what is called “road opener.”

Passion and Lust – for spicing up your love life with primal lust and heart-pounding passion.

Protect Me – Used for general protection and for keeping away harm.

Psychic Vision – is meant to awaken and amplify the third eye and increase psychic vision. Often used by Tarot readers and other psychic workers

Reconcile – sometimes known as reconciliation and is used to repair the hurt feelings that keep friends and lovers apart.

Return to Me – used in hoodoo for prayers, spells, and rituals, aimed towards bringing back a love — especially one that has walked out of your life.

Reversing – to send back to the sender any bad juju that has been thrown your way. Used to reverse the effects of crossing or cursing.

Spirit Guide – Connecting with your Spirit Guide(s) can open up new doors for you. When you actively communicate with your Guides and seek their assistance, there is usually very little hesitation with the decisions you must make. 

Tongue Tied – is meant to stop others from gossiping and talking about you.

Uncross and Reverse – when magic has been used against you, this is used in work to uncross you – undoing your enemy’s work and sending it back to them.

Unleash Creativity – for breaking open that creative side of you that lurks beneath the surface. Good for painters, poets, sketch artists, graphic artists, sculptors, writers – even chefs. Also used for writer’s block.

Wall of Fire – Also known as “Fiery Wall of Protection” and is used to protect against malicious spells and other forms of psychic attack. Used as a shield against your enemies.

Win Big – for luck in gambling, the lottery, and bingo.