Breakup Spell – separate two people

break up spell

When performing a breakup candle spell, I use what is known as a back-to-back candle. It is the figure of a man and a woman on the base of a heart and they are facing away from each other. For a love or come to me scenario, a candle where the lovers face each other would be used.  I carve each side of the candle with the names of the people involved, their birthdates, zodiac signs, sigils, or elements of your petition.

Specific herbs, roots, and minerals are used to surround and cover the figures. You will notice in this picture that red pepper flakes create a line that separates the two people. I then create another circle of roots to lock in the energy of the break up work. The red candles outside the ring represent the love or attraction they once felt for each other that they can no longer achieve or “reach.”  Black tourmaline stones surround the work to absorb the negativity of the work so that its after effects will not be able to reach you, the one that petitioned for the work to be done.

From there they are allowed to burn until they melt and the candles extinguish.

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