Doll Baby Poppet to Banish Negativity

My yarn doll babies (I call them doll baby poppets) are handmade by me, Papa Gee. Each one is unique and carries with it a glass potion bottle filled with herbs and roots for each specific condition they were made for. Each one is blessed and anointed with appropriate oils.

This doll baby is made with the intention of banishing negativity. Banishing negativity is a type of protection doll and are often kept near the front door or hung in a doorway. If you need to keep your doll baby poppet private, keep it in the room where you sleep. If there is a specific person that is bringing negativity into your life, you can use the doll to represent them. Price includes shipping.

The movie industry has taken the voodoo doll to new levels, but its image is firmly in people’s minds. In Hoodoo, we use the term ‘doll baby’ when performing this kind of work. When made out of cloth or string, they are sometimes called a poppet. A phrase that hails from Europe, poppet is the older and original spelling of the word ‘puppet’ and is also used as term of endearment among the English.

Doll babies can be made out of a variety of materials: wax, yarn, sticks, clay, cloth – the main point is that it looks like a person.

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Doll Baby Poppet to Banish Negativity – $49.00 includes shipping