Marriage Blessing Candle Spell

With the marriage blessing candle I carve the names of both people into the appropriate candle and anoint the entire figure in my Adam and Eve oil, which is used to strengthen a marriage or help reignite the fires that originally brought you together. Also to strengthen the bond between you and the one you love, and to aid you in keeping your love strong enough to keep out any outside forces which try to break you apart.

I always perform my marriage candle spells on Fridays which is ruled by Venus and is considered the best day to perform spells of true love and the protection of a love.

When your candle has finished burning, I will photograph the pool of wax and perform ceromancy on the finished burned. Ceromancy is the act of divination in candle wax, a method of reading images and shapes to predict the outcome of your petition. You are sent a photograph of the melt pool and a report on how well it burned. Please be aware that due to the high volume of candles I burn for people, it may take a few days to begin your burning and allow two weeks to receive a report.

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Marriage Blessing Candle Spell – $149.00